We had the opportunity to speak with Wolf Critton a two tour Iraq War Veteran and recording artist from New York City, but raised in Harlem his mother was a fan of R&B as well as gospel, while his father was a fan of Hendrix and Zappa. He chose to join the military after meeting a recruit who encouraged him and showed him that there was more to life than the ‘street’ life he was living at the time. “War can change the heart of the most-damaged people.”

When it comes to selecting a genre to place this artist in, unfortunately, you can’t. He’s what we call a cross over artist; he can sing anything from country to R&B, but his friends and family say that he mixes ‘Rock & Soul.” so he has embraced it. His musical influence would be Jack White singer and guitarist from the recording group ‘The White Stripes.’ The first song he ever learned was Stairway to Heaven by Led Zepplin.

I asked him to describe his first musical instrument he said, “My first instrument was the first act guitar. It was one of those cheap guitars that were really rough, but I loved it because it was given to me while I was in Iraq, and it just made everything I was going through their a lot more bearable.

I asked him to define his version of military pride. I wanted to know what he was proud of. “ I would like to define what ‘Pride in my County’ means to a soldier. My ‘Country’ is my family and friends in the home I live in, it’s about the ones and things you love the most. As a unit, it makes the whole country. I’m proud I fought to get back to those I love. I’m proud of the brothers that fought with me.” Faith is wildly important to Wolf he said, “Faith is life, Believe is Existence. I couldn’t survive without my faith in God.”

Since he’s an Acoustic artist Raw and uncut come with the ground. I asked him how he handled mistakes during a performance. He said, “ Acoustic Guitar is so raw and uncut that I never consider mistakes. When it’s just you and a mic everything is original and personal. If I miss a note, I’ll smile and sing louder. I want people to hear flaws and slips. WE live in an imperfect world, and when I’m on stage, that’s what I’m doing relating to our world. “

When I asked him about how often his practices and he said, “ I never practice, I just play. Music is therapy for me. After my deployment, it’s been a way of keeping my humanity. When I’m down, I find an abandoned house and sing my thoughts into space. After I will pick a song that relates to my day and play it repeatedly until I feel better.”

When finding his balance in his life he says, “ Music is me, everyone knows that my guitar is an extension of myself. My family loves that about me and the unwavering support brings out the best in me.”

He’s very close with his family especially his brother Daniel. He said, “Daniel will listen and advise me through a song every day. If I call him ten or twenty times a day, he will always pick up without complaint. His actions are only out of love. Everyone in my family is just a blessing.”

Often we see two sides of the artist. The performer and the private family man/woman. When asked about his side Wolf said, “ The music side of me is more venting and talking about things I would never talk about in a one on one conversation. I think it was the military gave me the tools to control my thoughts and emotions.”

I asked him about his formula for success he said, “ Never give up. I don’t give up!”

When describing his perfect date, he’s a country boy at heart. You’ll get his attention by a campfire in the words with a starlit sky. “ I think the less noise and distractions of everyday life the better chance you have of learning about the person you potentially want to be with,” he says.

When thinking about the writing and recording processes I wanted to get in the mind of the Wolf. When in the writing process he sits down and starts strumming his guitar for hours until he composes a melody of something new. “ Once I find something I like I start humming to it until the words come out.” When it’s time to record, he treats it as a day to scream out as much as he can in the shortest amount of time.

He’s currently working on a lot of projects. He’s newly sponsored by Luna Guitars and has a recent feature in the Itunes Application “Magisto” there are a lot of amazing things coming down the line for Wolf, but you can follow that process at WolfCritton.com

Follow him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/wolfcritt

Images by: Grayson’s Photography 


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+Produced By: @AblzeDaArchitek
+Peformed & Written By: @PENFRANKLIN
+Featuring: @G-LO
+Vocals Produced By: @PENFRANKLIN x @LukeBeckOficial


BLOG: www.AblazeDaArchitek.com




Simple, Yet $oulful #LABOUROFLOVE Courtesy Of @ARXIIITEKTURE


•@PENFRANKLIN Serenades APRIL O’NEAL Over The @AblzeDaArchitek Produced #COWABUNGA & Stuff https://t.co/0MzWfAxNBd #TMNT #NinjaTurtlesMovie


Born Antwan Jackson from Liberty, South Carolina,  AblazeDaArchitek has molded himself into a hip-hop music mogul. Influenced by the music surrounding him through his family, church and school. He took advantage of all resources he had around him in order to learn new things. 

In elementary school is where he got start perfecting his craft. “ I didn’t know there was a title for it, but my father played and taught me different instruments. I’d play the melodies we’d come up with keyboard, drums, bass, guitar, and he played it all back in sync. “ He got his first major placement at the nineteen years old. With over ten years of experience professionally and over 10,000 hours there’s a lot more to Ablaze than the eyes can see, and the ears can hear. 

Ablaze is known as a aggressive creative who has continuously pushed his way through the music industry creating his own path not only for himself, but also for his team ARXIIITEKTURE WORKS. He firmly believe whatever doors are open for himself are also open for his team.  He gains inspiration by sound in general, but his grandmother enjoyed playing James Brown’s music on vinyl and bragging about how he’s from South Carolina. Artist like Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, Dr. Dre and Timbaland with their diverse yet relatable in every way. 


He doesn’t just play the role of music producer he also plays the role of the artist, songwriter, DJ, A&R, graphics, video, etc. “Whatever is needed when I enter a project I’ll do. I take the initiative to make anything I’m involved in as far as my contributions and network can pull off.” 

His mother consistently preached to him “God made everyone different, so be yourself and you have nothing to worry about.” She stressed the message of him not losing himself in the music industry. He’s not here just to participate he’s here to be innovative and to tell his story and share his vision with the world. 


When he’s not working on his musical projects, he’s enjoying the comfort of friends, family and life in general. You can find him hiking or hanging out by the lake, playing video games, thrift shopping and enjoying any art he can find. 

You can find him on social media here: 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AblazeDaArchitek




His musical credits include: 

+Winner Of BeatBangas Battle Of The Beats 4 (Greenville, SC)



+BROADWAY DANCE CENTER (DIRT VIBES | Contemporary Fusion Class) Curriculum

Music Produced By: AblazeDaArchitek

+Jim Jones “Ask About Me” http://youtu.be/zYywIlAT1g8

+Mullage “Your Spot” http://youtu.be/eG3o89B-FQA

+Mullage “Neck Of The Woods” Single (Wrote & Produced)

+Mullage “I Know”

+Mullage “Imma Be Good”

+Mullage “Digging On You”

+VH1 (Chrissy & Mr. Jones Show)

+Pepsi MAX (Commercial)

+Alley Boy “4 This” Featuring Chill Will http://youtu.be/3rtZkrueoFI


+Sen City ‘Gotta Fly’ Featuring Jim Jones & T.W.O.


+Jim Jones “Cake” Featuring T.W.O. Featured On Chrissy & Mr. Jones VH1 Show

+Jim Jones “Don Juan” Featuring Sen City & Mel Matrix:


+Mullage “Take Me Away” http://youtu.be/uV_-PsSYYSk

+Mullage “Angel Watching Over Me” http://youtu.be/fNdexGHbU5c

+Mullage “Find My Reason” http://youtu.be/tsGsM7Pc6-4

+Mullage “What It’s Gon Be” Featuring Yung Houston


+Mullage “Grind It” Featuring Sammiyah Dixon http://youtu.be/-xyAiDBv1-o

+Ant Heezie “Edge Of Your Seat” (Wrote & Produced)


+Do Or Die “Won’t Stop” Featuring Twista http://youtu.be/gLHEkl_PVho

+40 Cal “New Beginning” Featuring DukeDaGod (Album)


+Jim Jones/ByrdGang “Throwing BGs” (Album) http://youtu.be/2WOfyxWsbpc

+Hell Rell “PaperBoy” Album http://youtu.be/Wj8Ws9oHjzg

[Mixtape] Mad Hatter - UnderRated :: #GetItLIVE! http://livemixtap.es/mhh @IndyTapes @DJPlugg @4RealMadHatter

Model of the Day Alexis Williams  brought to you by Photographer @nakeshiarenee from South Carolina
www.NakeshiaRenee.com  Model of the Day Alexis Williams  brought to you by Photographer @nakeshiarenee from South Carolina

Model of the Day Alexis Williams  brought to you by Photographer @nakeshiarenee from South Carolina



We had the opportunity to speak to American Idol contestant Amber Holcomb from Houston, Texas.

Growing up in Houston Life was very simple, but very hot. Since the age of four Amber was singing. When her chance to compete on American Idol came, she was very prepared. She said, “With Idol there was a lot going on at one time. You can be nervous at one point, then once you hit the stage it’s totally different. Although performing in front of the judges makes you even more nervous before performing.

Life since Idol hasn’t changed that much, but she has had to get use to fans wanting to take pictures with her. “I Love my fans, I can say the show has given me a platform further to pursue what I love,” She said.

I learned that Amber was a mom and as a parent myself I wanted to know a few juicy details about how it feels for her being a mom. She admits that being a mom has it’s ups and down, but it’s truly one of the biggest blessings she’s received.


Her daughter motivates her daily. “ I want to provide her with the best I can give her and what better way to do that than doing what I love.”

She’s currently working on her EP in which her first single will be released later this year with the help of Producer James Worthy. Her career goals would be providing great music to the world and to venture to other aspects of entertainment like film, fashion and modeling. She feels as if the sky is the limit. There’s nothing she wouldn’t do within reason.


Her musical inspiration are artists like Mariah Carey, Karen Carpenter and Whitney Houston.

Her dream performance would be Big lights, Big Stage a mic and just herself. There’s no need for theatrics with Amber her vocals are enough. Her dream video would be different parts of the world for each scene. Creating her personal masterpiece.


For more from Amber visit her on Facebook, Twitter, and Facebook at @AmberNHolcomb for booking contact James Worthy at JDreamz16@gmail.com

Day26’s story is already well-known to their fans, millions of whom tuned in watch it unfold on MTV’s Making the Band 4 (Which became the highest rated show in MTV history). When Sean “Diddy” Combs put out the call for vocalists in January of 2007, he was looking for talented newcomers with superstar potential and a tireless work ethic. What he got when Robert, Will, Brian, Mike and Qwanell (who later resigned from the group in December of 2009), was more than he or the fans could have ever anticipated.

On August 26, 2007, the lives of five young men were changed forever. On that day, they became DAY26. DAY26’s self-titled debut album enter the record books as the biggest-selling debut album from a male R&B group in the 17-year history of SoundScan. The album – which included the hit singles, “Got Me Going” and “Since You Been Gone” – exploded into the #1 spot on the SoundScan/Billboard 200 in its first week of release, while also topping Billboard’s “Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums” chart.

As the guys struggled with realizing their dreams amidst breakups, hookups and fights that shook the home they shared with MTB’s Danity Kane and Donnie, their fans have gained unprecedented access to the highs and lows of fame. “It’s definitely a blessing and a curse at the same time,” laughs Brian. “The fans actually get to see who Day26 is as individuals and how we mesh together.” It’s a process that has only strengthened them as a group, and helped evolve the sound on “Forever In A Day”

“Forever In A Day”, the group’s sophomore album gave the guys the opportunity to show the world how they’d grown personally and artistically. “Forever In A Day”, included the hit single, “Imma Put It On Her (Feat. Yung Joc & Diddy)” – and soared into Billboard’s “Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums” chart at #1, while also landing at #2 on the comprehensive Billboard 200 with First week sales in excess of 113,000. Shortly after the touring and promoting of the “Forever In A Day” album, Day26 decided to took a group hectic and embark on solo endeavors.    

After a two year hiatus, Day26 publicly announced their reunion as a group with all five original members on Thursday, November 21st 2013. Reveling details on their social media that they’ll be releasing a new album and plans for a reunion tour. They have recently signed with King Bridge and BMG Chrysalis in May 2014. Day26 has also released their new hit single - “Bullshit” from their new EP, “The Return” which will be available for free download on Thursday, June 26th for their loyal supporters. 

Check Out The return here: https://soundcloud.com/day26music
  • BET Awards
    • 2009, Best Group (Won)
    • 2008, Best Group (Nominated)
  • Image Awards
    • 2010, Outstanding Duo or Group (Nominated)
  • Teen Choice Awards
    • 2008, Choice Breakout Group (Nominated)
  • Online Hip Hop Awards
    • 2008, Digital Download of the Year (R&B) for “Got Me Going” (Won)
  • Urban Music Awards
    • 2009, Best Music Video: Imma Put It On Her (Nominated)
    • 2009, Best Male Act (Nominated)


Official Website: www.Day26Official.com

WE had the pleasure of our lives and many of our friends lives being TOUCHED by aspiring Rapper Jugg Money also known to his friends as Brandon Willingham. He was fatally shot June 7th with a bullet that wasn’t meant for him. 

We’re joining with his family and friends in keeping his DREAM alive through his music. 

If you’d like to know where to purchase his mix tapes please tweet @PrinceKeels Of Y.E.A. he was Jugg’s manager and he’s also using the profits from the sales to assist his family. 

Check out his video for ‘Teach You How 2 Jugg’ 


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